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The Art of Mother Nature on Nature - 

There is a deep connected understanding to Her. There is a reason why we wander Her. The feeling of air flowing into our souls, into our spirits. Igniting our skin with purity. The feeling of earth on the souls of our feet, grounding to the interconnected energy lines beneath us. The textures of Her, creating curiosity, peace, calm and strangely reminding us of something. We grow with Her, when we walk beside Her, when we respect Her. We are Her.

The Artwork - 

All of Skye Prudence's original paperbark artworks, are thoughtfully free hand illustrations, with love and intent. The artworks are illustrated with archival ink onto Australian Paperbark, collected from the ground around her mum & uncle's Paperbark Trees. 

Each piece of bark is carefully chosen to suit it's individual frame. Focussing on composition, balance and texture. The artwork is then created to suit the shape of the bark and personally signed in archival ink. These works are created with the intention of gently re-connecting you to Mother Earth.

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