Framing Information.

Print & Frame Sizing Guide.

SIZE GUIDE - Traditional Frame

A5 - (14.8 x 21cm) or ( 5.8 x 8.3 inches)
A4 - (21 x 29.7cm) or (8.3 x 11.7 inches) - Matboard insert frame of A5 size
A3 - (29.7 x 42cm) or (11.7 x 16.5 inches) - Matboard insert frame of A4 size
A2 - (42 x 59.4cm) or (16.5 x 23.4 inches) - Matboard insert frame of A3 size
A1 - (59.4 x 84.1cm) or (33.1 x 23.4 inches) - Matboard insert frame of A2 size

SIZE GUIDE - Pressi Frame

(Tip - choose to suit the width of your artwork, the length can be anything.)

A5-15cm wide - suits A5 portrait orientation or 5-6" wide artwork.
A4-22cm wide - suits A4 portrait, A5 landscape, 8"-8.5" wide artwork.
A3-30cm wide - suits A3 portrait, A4 landscape, or 11" wide artwork.
A2-43cm wide - suits A2 portrait, A3 landscape, or 16" wide artwork.
A1-62cm wide - suits A1 portrait, A2 landscape, or 24" wide artwork.

The Pressi Frame.

I am lucky enough to be a stockist of the beautiful Pressi Frame by Corner Block Studio, Yuggera Country, Brisbane Australia. They are environmentally sustainable, cruelty free and support Mother Nature. The timber is re-purposed from old condemned buildings, houses and bridges throughout Australia.

Recycled Australian Hardwoods

Australian hardwoods are exceptionally beautiful, durable, and character-filled timbers. We showcase these timbers in our work and hope you’ll admire them as much as we do. We only use recycled hardwoods, so precious old trees keep standing tall, and fallen trees stay in the forest to become homes for native animals.

Using recycled timbers is not an easy option, it’s an arduous task to reclaim old timbers from de-commissioned buildings such as bridges and old homes, and process them to a premium quality standard. We believe it’s important to protect our bushlands and forests, so we work with experienced timber mills that gather and process this reclaimed wood.

Our recycled timbers reveal the characteristics of their former life, including dark flecks around nail holes and interesting grain patterns. Making our frames from this timber is a pleasure, we enjoy noticing the unique colours and features of each piece. We craft the frames in Brisbane, Australia, to give you high-quality wares made from premium, sustainable timbers.

Sustainable Queensland Hoop Pine

Queensland hoop pine is a light and lovely timber that has been used as a building and furniture material in Queensland for over 140 years. It is noted as the first export from Queensland when it was trialed for ship masts.

Our hoop pine is sourced from a plantation that was first felled in the late 1800s. It is Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certified and exceeds the requirements of this certification.

We thoroughly consider our options when selecting timber – to ensure our selection is in line with our values of using environmentally sustainable and ethical materials. Aside from considering environmental certifications of various alternatives, we also visited and surveyed the hoop pine plantations.

While surveying the plantations and nearby state forests, we noted some reduction in the diversity of creatures compared to the more natural state forest. But we also found the plantation provided habitat for many species. We also noted the neighbouring land next to the plantation – used for grazing pastures and coal mining. The net carbon dioxide intake of a hoop pine plantation is of great benefit, so we made our selection with confidence. 

We are glad to offer our range in beautiful, local, sustainable Hoop Pine.

- Corner Block Studio

Step-By-Step Instructions

Your artwork is gently clamped in each timber bar using a soft cotton cord. This securely holds your artwork, without damaging it. Ideal for prints, photos, posters, kid's art, and original art on paper. Suits paper and material up to 1mm thick (about 600 gsm).Original design made from 100% renewable materials.


1. Remove the cotton cords from the timber bars .

2. Place the timber bars onto a table, front sides down (logo facing you).

3. Slide the top edge of your artwork into the top timber bar. Make sure it goes all the way into the slot.  

4. Press the cotton cord into the slot using your fingers. This will clamp your artwork in place. Make sure you push it in nice and deep. (You can use a credit card instead of your fingers). 

5. Repeat this with the bottom bar and the bottom edge of your artwork. 

6. Hang your Pressi Frame on the wall using the keyhole at the back.

Let's talk frames in general.

We are all beautiful, unique individuals. We have our own taste, our own visions and our own quirks!

Choosing a frame is just as personal as choosing your artwork. Our houses are a blank canvas that we collaborate with, to represent who we are and the journey we have been on!

All my artworks are printed in traditional "A" sizing, so you won't have any trouble finding an off the shelf frame to suit, regardless of your budget. See print and frame sizing guide above.

If you are wanting something very particular, then visiting a framer is a great option! They are experts and can show you different frame combinations to consider for your artwork. Just remember to take the artwork in with you!

If you are buying a frame off the shelf, you need to consider a couple of things!

Think about whether you would like a border around your artwork or would you like it to fill the whole frame? This will determine which size you buy. See print and frame sizing guide above.

Choosing a frame with a matboard insert allows you to upsize your frame without the cost of buying a larger print! It gives the illusion of your art piece being much larger then it's true size.

For example, if you purchase an A3 size print, you can buy an A2 frame size with a matboard insert that fits an A3 artwork. It is a really cost effective way to gain size and impact!

Matboard framing isn't for everyone, so alternatively you can purchase a frame the exact size of your print. If budget isn't an issue and you are wanting to maximum impact in a particular space, I always recommend going large with your print choice.

In saying this, a small print size doesn't mean you will lose impact. My artwork collections compliment each piece within their series. There are multiple combinations you can have fun with, if you are wanting to hero smaller pieces. Creating a gallery wall or adding to a gallery wall, visually looks beautiful and creates interest within a space. However don't shy away from just having a single artwork, sitting simply on a shelf with some of your favourite decor pieces. The options are limitless!

I have created a list below of some great frame suppliers that I have used overtime, including the small business who have designed and hand made these stunning frames in the below images.

Traditional Frame Suppliers.

Temple & Webster
Local custom framer


You can never go wrong if you choose what you love!

If you are wanting any advise on framing or artwork size for a particular space, get in touch through my Contact page.

I would LOVE to hear from you!


Skye xx