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    SLOW Journal.

    Issue 11 | Wildflower | The Story of the Paper Bark - Skye Prudence. Pages 38 - 43.

    SLOW Journal is a bi-annual independent Australian magazine sharing stories about slow living and sustainability.

    Within these pages you will find stories about ocean and wildlife conservation, ways to love more sustainably, slow travel stories, artist and photography galleries, education on holistic and alternative health modalities, a marketplace for slow fashion and eco conscious brands and so much more.

    SLOW are here to inspire an antidote to a fast past industrialised world.

    You can purchase a hardcopy or a pdf version of the journal from

  • The Story of the Paperbark.

    The Art of Mother Nature on Nature. 

    "There is a deep connected understanding to Her. There is a reason why we wander Her. The feeling of air flowing into our souls, into our spirits. Igniting our skin with purity. The feeling of earth on the souls of our feet, grounding to the interconnected energy lines beneath us. The textures of Her, creating curiosity, peace, calm and strangely reminding us of something. We grow with Her, when we walk beside Her, when we respect Her. We are Her." - Skye Prudence.

  • Ghosts of Mother Ocean.

    She scatters her Ghosts across the sandy shore. In a deliberate fashion to draw attention. To speak loudly of what cannot be heard in the decibels of general life. Creating chaotic patterns of knowledge for those who dare to learn, to dive into the story, to invest in the chaos. Yet there is calm, delicate balance, purposeful composition, consideration and intent.

    An artwork of inner self, intertwined in the masses of life. Wrapped in the muted palette of composure, knowledge and wisdom.

    “Ghosts of Mother Ocean” - Skye Prudence

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