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Skye Prudence is a Melbourne born artist, living in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. She reflects the delicate balance between flora and fauna through her artworks. Showing great restraint, she draws inspiration from Mother Nature in her entirety, creating intricate amalgamations of watercolour and black ink, the voice of her creations. 

All of Skye's original paperbark artworks, are thoughtfully hand drawn illustrations, with love and intent. The artworks are illustrated with archival ink onto Australian Paperbark, collected from the ground around her mum & uncle's Paperbark Trees. 

Each piece of bark is carefully chosen to suit it's individual frame. Focussing on composition, balance and texture. The artwork is then created to suit the composition of the bark and personally signed in archival ink. These works are created with the intention of gently connecting you to Mother Earth.

Each piece is framed in Sustainable Tasmanian Oak floating frames, especially designed for these unique works. They are hand built by an incredibly talented local framer. The paperbarks are then pressed and assembled by Skye herself.

These works are considered, intentful and connected. Created to bring you a little closer to mother nature, bringing peace and thoughtfulness to your home.

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