Sustainability & Quality.

Let's talk Sustainability.

One of the first things I researched before anything else with starting my business, was sustainable products. I had a short list of non negotiables when it came to taking the plunge and sharing my art with the world!

When you buy a piece of my art, you're not just buying my HEART and SOUL, but you are investing in a sustainable product that has carefully considered Mother Nature and her planet.

Your print.

The small local printing studio I use is based on a farm in the Yarra Valley. I trust them deeply with the reproduction of my artwork. They have over 20 years experience producing museum grade work. This is an art form in itself! The quality of print is exceptional and very hard to tell which piece is the original vs the print.

The paper choices they offer are as close to sustainable as possible without compromising archival quality. They have no minimum order for print amounts, which reduces waste dramatically. All my ordering is printed to order, to ensure a "no waste" policy is met.

All the invoicing and other information is electronic to reduce the carbon footprint on the plant.

Your collateral.

I have researched long and hard and am happy to say that all of my business collateral (cards, stickers, stamp ect.) are also sourced and printed from a sustainable small business! Their specific focus is helping other businesses advertise their product without harming the earth. They recycle from post consumer waste and yes they are a little more expensive then your generic printing companies, but I believe it is 100% worth investing in!

Your packaging.

I use recycled post consumer wrapping and packaging to carefully and joyfully wrap your beautiful pieces ready for the mail. Anything that is in direct contact with your print, is acid free and archival standard. Sadly these are only partly made from recycled products, about 70%, but unfortunately in order to protect your artwork, it is almost impossible to use a product that is 100% recycled. However, you can absolutely re-use the backing and the protective sleeve your prints come in!

I feel really proud to be able to offer you not only something really personal that I have put a lot of HEART and LOVE into, but also to offer you a complete experience that doesn't comprise this beautiful planet!


Let's talk Quality. 

With sustainability in mind, quality has not been compromised. Each piece of art is professionally Giclee printed on 100% textured cotton rag, 310gsm fine art museum grade paper (OBA Free, optical brightening agents). Optical brighteners are a chemical agent used to whiten the appearance of fine art papers. However, they don't last forever and overtime they become dull and so does your artwork, which is one of the reason I don't use them.

All my artwork is archival quality! This means it will out last generations to come! The art in printing is just as important as the art itself. 

All of my works are created using the highest of quality artist products. Even my brushes are a very valuable possession of mine, no one is aloud near them!

I handle all your prints wearing cotton archival gloves. This stops any of the oils or dirt from my skin, seeping into your beautiful print. All of my works and prints are stored in archival acid free sleeves and kept in an archival box which is completely sealed from dust and light. This is stored in an upright position, which eliminates the artworks and prints from laying on each other. 

So much work, LOVE and INTENTION goes into each piece. From the creation, to the printing and even the packaging, it just makes sense to treat each piece with the RESPECT it deserves. When you open your package my aim is to bring a giant SMILE to your face and to give you a feeling of CONNECTION, RESPECT and LOVE! After all, YOU are the reason I create and YOU are helping me and many other people contribute positively to this planet!