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The Art of Mother Nature on Nature

It would be years of practise, journeys, crooked paths, mountains to fall, oceans to swim, battles won and battles lost. It would be the day 25 years down the dirt road, wise hands gently offered the layers of paperbark. Not so tiny fingers anymore reached out and held the thick texture. Remembering the feeling. The dusty, chalky feeling. The knowledge exchanged silently. Coming back to the roots. This would be for later.

Sitting unnerved on a shelf, drying and flaking. Spreading debris anytime a gust of breeze passed. Slowly the layers were peeled. Ink was splashed and the feeling of earth and art connected. After years of practise, learning the layers of bark, learning the ink application and mastering the craft of simple translation of knowledge, the paperbark art series were born.

Art in it's simplest form encapsulating soul and earth. The Art of Mother Nature on Nature 

- by Skye Prudence.

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